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Creating Public Groups in OWA

Creating Public Groups in OWA

OWA has a new feature that lets faculty and staff members create “Public Groups.”  Public groups are distribution lists which give members the capability of sending e-mail to all group participants.  These differ from the contact lists you may be familiar with in Outlook because they establish an actual e-mail address for the group. 


* A group named “mathprofs” might be created for Math Professors to communicate with each other and share departmental information.

* A group named “bwcycle” could be established for faculty and staff members who are interested in bicycling to share schedules and events.


To Locate the Public Groups Feature in OWA:

* Log in to OWA ( with your user name and password.

* In the upper right corner, below your name, click on the “Options” pull down menu.

* Click on “See All Options.”

* Choose “Groups” from the menu on the left.


You will see “Public Groups I Belong To” and “Public Groups I Own” with the display names and e-mail addresses listed for each.
Public Groups I Belong To:  Shows a list of the groups you already belong to.

*Click on the “Join” icon to view a full list of all groups that exist.

Highlight a group you are interested in and click “Details” to learn more.  One of three messages will appear, depending on the group owner’s settings:

Requests to join are automatically approved

Requests to join are automatically rejected

Requests to join require approval

* To leave a group you are currently in, highlight the group name and click on the “Leave” icon.

* Type a name or key word into the “Search Groups” box to find a group you may be looking for.  (Note:  Only groups with open enrollment will be displayed.)


Public Groups I Own:

Shows a list of groups you have created or for which you share ownership.

* To create a new group, click on the “New” icon; choose the members and settings you desire.

- Choose a “Display Name” for the group.  This is the name that will show up in the list of group names.  (Note:  The letters “DL” will show up in front of the group name indicating it is a Distribution List.  Ex:  DL_mathprofs.)

- Choose an “Alias” for the group.  This is what will become the actual e-mail address for the group.  (Note:  No spaces can be included in the alias.  Ex:

- Add a “Description” of what the group is.

- Determine “Ownership” by adding additional owners, besides yourself.  (Note:  The owners of a group have control over management and settings.)

- Establish “Membership” by adding the members you desire from the B-W Global Address Book.  (Note:  Membership is limited to B-W faculty & staff.)

- Decide on “Membership Approval” (open, closed, or owner-approved).

- Click on “Save” and you’re done!

- Highlight any group in your list and click on the “Details” icon to review/modify the settings or members for the group.

- To delete a group you own, highlight the group name and click on the “X” icon.


NOTE:  At this time, the function of creating a Public Group is only available in OWA.  However, once a group is established, the e-mail address for that group may be utilized within your Outlook e-mail, as well.  For example, you could send an e-mail in Outlook to: (the sample group created above) and reach all the members of the group.  Mail received from one of your Public Groups is also available via Outlook or OWA. 

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