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Student - BW Email on Android Mobile/Phone Device



On your Android OS Phone or Tablet

1. To set up BW Office 365 Mail for students.

2. From the home screen, tap Applications > Settings > Accounts > Add Account

          a.  (You may have to select Manual Setup at this point depending on your Android version)

3.  Select the “Exchange” or “Corporate” mail-type option

4.  Type your full email address (including the

5.  And type your password into the password text box

6.  Select “Next”

          a(If the options below do not appear the same, you may have to try “Manual setup” on this screen)

7.  Change the settings on this page to be as follows

          a.  Username- (Your full BW email address)

          b.  Password- (This is your password but it will not be displayed for security reasons)

          c.  Server-

          d.  Use secure connection (SSL)- (Checked)

          e.  (If it asks for a domain, enter “”)

8.  You will be asked to provide security permissions for this connection.  Select “Ok” if a “Remote Security Administration” Box   comes up.

9.  Select all of the features you would like synced between your Android device and your BW email account and select “Next”.

10.  Name your account your BW email address again if you wish and select “Done”

11.  Your BW email is now set up.

12.  From the home screen, tap Applications > Email

13.  Your BW email should appear now.


Your Android smartphone is configured to read your BW E-mail.  If you have difficulties configuring your smartphone or if you have additional questions, please contact the IT HelpDesk at 440.826.7000 or email or tweet  @BW_HelpDesk.


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