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Student - How to add your BW E-mail on you iOS device / iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch



 You will NOT use the Setting menu to configure your NEW Email on your device, follow the instruction below:

On your iOS device or iPhone
* Launch the Safari Browser on your device

NOTE: These procedures must be performed on your iOS device / iPhone

In the Safari address bar enter

* Touch the To configure Outlook Live mail click here link

An Install Profile window will appear click Install to begin configuring your device.

NOTE: A Warning window will appear describing the authenticity of the “Baldwin-Wallace Student” root certificate cannot be verified.  Be assured the “Go Daddy Class 2 Certifications Authority” is a valid and secure certificate.

 * Press Install
 * Enter your BW E-mail address:
* Press Next
* Enter your BW E-mail address as the username:
* Press Next
* Enter your BW E-mail password
* Press Next
* Press Done
* Press the device’s Home button
 * Press Mail
Your iOS device is configured to read your BW Email.  It may take several minutes for messages to appear in your inbox.  If you have difficulties configuring your smartphone or if you have additional questions, 
please contact the IT HelpDesk at 440.826.7000 or email or tweet  @BW_HelpDesk.

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