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Note:  This documentation is for Faculty/Staff email Outlook account only. Students do not use this information.

BW Email on Android Mobile Device

Use the following information to configure your B-W FacStaff Outlook account with your Android OS mobile phone.

On your Android OS Phone:

  • Navigate to Email
  • Add a New Email Account to your Android phone

    NOTE: Be sure to select Corporate Email or Exchange account when adding a new account to your Android phone. 

    NOTE: Android phones differ slightly with each operating system (OS) revision; please refer to your phones user manual for specific instructions for adding email accounts.


  • Enter your B-W Email credentials in the correct  fields
  • Username:
  • Domain:
  • Password: Enter your BW Outlook Password
  • Exchange Server: OR If your mailbox has been migrated to Office 365, use:
  • Use secure connection (SSL): Place a check in the box
  • Accept all SSL certificates: Place a check in the box
  • Select your desired Account options
  • Enter an identifier for the account (home, school, work, etc.)


Your Android mobile phone is now configured to read your BW Email.  If  you have difficulties configuring your smartphone or if you have additional questions, please contact the IT HelpDesk at 440.826.7000.

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