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Media cart Known Issues and Workaround

Issue Description Resolution or Workaround
Media cart controller buttons locked up or are unresponsive.

When users try to use a media cart with controller buttons (see below), the buttons do not react to any touch control.  This is usually caused by a power brown-out in the building.


Have the user physically unplug the cart from the wall for 15-20 seconds and plut it back in. Wait about 30 seconds and the controller should be responsive again.  If the user cannot unplug the cart, a helpdesk call must be logged.

Extron controls: Push and hold top two buttons until all the buttons blink 3 times to reset.

There is no volume coming from the media cart.

When users try to play a youtube video, dvd or other media, they hear no sound.  This is a combination of issues usually.  Sound is controlled by the computer itself, the speakers in the room and the application (e.g. youtube).


1. Make sure that the mute is off of the computer.  The speaker icon on the system tray should show just a speaker, not a speaker with a red X.

2. Make sure that the volume is up on the application (e.g. youtube, DVD player, windows media).

3. At this point, check to see if you can get sound out of a YouTube video (any).

4. If you cannot, make sure the physical speakers are turned up.  Different rooms have different controls. Check the room quick card but generally:

a. there is a speaker on the front of the cart with a volume control

b. there are volume controls on the touch controller on the cart or wall.

Locked up projector

Projector will not turn on, red blinking indicator light on projector, no light coming out of lens.

Projector will not turn off or change inputs with a green blinking light on the projector. (Some models)

Projector needs reset by disconnecting power for 10 seconds.

This may not be possible/practical in all rooms.

If red blinking light persists after reset, projector needs service.

Wireless remote will not work. (Some rooms)

The user trying to use the remote control, the remote won't work for any control or limited controls in the room.

Remove batteries (make sure batteries are there) from remote and reinstall making sure battery polarity is correct.

Remote control too far off axis with front of projector. Remote will not work if it is off to one side or other. Some rooms are very wide and the podium gets pushed off to the side of the room preventing the remote from working reliably.

Shutting off room lights (especially between remote and projector) will improve the operation of the remote control.

Use buttons on projector; this may not be possible/practical in all rooms.

No Signal with blue screen displaying in classroom

Users sees a blue screen and is either unresponsive or is connected to another source.

Projector not on proper input, push input select on keypad control system, (if so equipped)

or proper input button on wireless projector remote (Computer 1, Video).

Cannot get screen from laptop onto the projector

Cannot get image from laptop on projector screen.  The computer must be connected to the VGA and the computer must have been "pushed" to the VGA. This is either Func F7 or F8 on some computers and on a mac, it is either automatic or go to System Preferences > Display > Detect Displays.



Computer selector switch not on “Laptop” selection. (Rooms with automated control system.)

 Manual A/B switch, laptop is “B” and podium computer is “A” (Non automated rooms with manual switch.)

 External VGA port not activated on laptop, reboot laptop while connected to podium.


Mac computers: It is either automatic or go to System Preferences > Display > Detect Displays.

DVD player will not work.

DVD player will not work.

Projector not on proper input (Must be on Video input).


Use DVD player in computer (Projector must be on COMPUTER input),

Not all rooms have stand alone DVD players, please use computer to play DVDs. 

 Navigate to the DVD from the My Computer Icon, right click and Open with Dell Power DVD or VLC media player.

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