Faculty: Early Alert Retention Tool in WebExpress


Faculty and students primarily utilize WebExpress for its registration and advising capabilities and the graduation plan. It is used by new students for orientation forms and details. It is also a tool for submitting “Because We Care” notifications. Staff may access general ledger budgets from WebEx.

Access it from the link on the “MyBW” portal.

Instructions for Using “Early Alert” Retention Tool in WebExpress



A link in WebExpress allows you to reserve your textbooks after you register for classes.  This links directly to the B-W Bookstore. 

  • You can also navigate directly to the B-W Bookstore at http://bookstore.bw.edu.
  • Click the Textbooks link in the upper left side of the web page.
  • Click the Buy New & Used Course Materials link

NOTE: To enter the Bookstore’s website and reserve your textbooks, you will need a valid Email address and password.  This is NOT necessarily your B-W Email address and password.  If you have never used the Bookstore website before, you will need to create an account, just like you would on any other e-merchant website.  You may use your B-W Email address or any other valid e-mail address when creating your account.  You can create your account using the button at the bottom that says, Register.




If you have forgotten your Bookstore password, click the Forgot Password button.  Enter the e-mail address used to register your B-W Bookstore account.  A password hint or the password will be Emailed to that account.

For any other Bookstore inquiries , please call the Bookstore directly at (440) 826-2345 or check the Frequently Asked Questions at https://bookstore.bw.edu/library/faqs/default.asp.

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