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Student Mobile Printing

What is Student Mobile Printing?

Student Mobile printing allows Baldwin Wallace University students to queue print jobs to any campus printer station, from any device that supports e-mail from a address. The device from which you send the print request does not require printer drivers or an active connection to the Baldwin Wallace Wireless network, making this printing method highly mobile, convenient, and easy to use.



How to Print Via Mobile Print?


1. Open your e-mail account.

Note: All mobile print requests must originate from the e-mail address.


2. Address the print request e-mail to with the mobile printing service:


Note: In order for a job to print in color, it must be (1) sent to this address and (2) printed from a print release station associated with a color printer or color multi-function device. Color print jobs may be released from a black and white printer or multi-function device, but will print in black and white only.


Color Printer Location:

       * Ritter Library

       * MCS


Note: Black and white print jobs may be released from any print release station, but will always print as black and white. Multi-function devices (both black and white and color) will charge the black and white rate; however, color printers will charge the color print rate, which is higher per page.


Reference one or more jobs to be printed.

This can be done in several ways:

File Attachment: Attach up to 10 files, of supported file formats, to the e-mail message.

E-mail Message Text: Paste the print job into the body of the e-mail message.

Note: If less than 150 characters of text are found in the body of a message, the message text will not be processed for print.



3. Send the e-mail request.


You will receive an e-mail confirming that your request was successfully processed.




Note: If you receive an error message you are either not sending from the account associated or printing an unsupported file format.

Once your mobile printing request has been successfully processed, go to a print release station. As highlighted in step 3, be sure to choose the appropriate location for releasing your print job.

Login to print release station to display the files in your print queue.

Print your files. The displayed cost will be deducted from the Print Quota balance on your printing account.


File Format Support:

All of the most commonly printed file formats are supported, including:


   • Adobe® Portable Document Format (.pdf)

• Office Documents

• Microsoft® Office (docx, .doc, .xls, xlsx, .xlt, .ppt, .pptx, .pptm)

• Microsoft® Outlook (.msg, .eml)

• Microsoft® Publisher (.pub)

• Open Office (.odt, .ods, .odp)

• Image Files

• .jpg, .jpeg

• .gif

• .bmp

• .png

• Text Formats

• Text files (.txt)

• Rich Text Format (.rtf)

• Comma Separated Values (.csv)

• E-mail Contents

• HTML, Rich Text, or Plain Text, as contained in the e-mail body (HTML links or attachments are not supported)

    • A web link to a supported document types listed above that does not require authentication to access.     



    * Only standard, 8.5" x 11", paper size

    * 20 MB total size for file attachments

    * You will get billed to your printing account


How long does print job stays on your print queue?

Each Mobile print job sent to Pharos printer remains available to print for 24 hours. This applies to any print job sent to a Pharos printer. Print jobs are deleted from the print queue after two 24 hours.


Note:  Additional Print services for Students are available at:  Additional Print Services 

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