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Student - Connecting to a Campus Wireless Printer on an Apple Computer



Downloading and installing the Pharos Popup Client


IMPORTANT: Apple users must download and install the Pharos Pop-up Client before configuring a campus printer


Click here to download and install the Pharos Pop-up Client



Configuring the Campus Printer

  • Open Safari and go to localhost:631.

 If the following error occurs, then open Utilities à Terminal and enter cupsctl WebInterface = yes and then close Terminal.



  • You should see the following webpage:



  • Click on the Administration tab.


  •  Under the Printers heading, click on Manage Printers



  • Click on the printer you wish to change:



  • Click on Administration and select Modify Printer



  • In the list that appears, click on Windows printer via spoolss and click Continue.



  • In the next window, in the text box enter smb:// for the large format printer or smb:// for the smaller printer in the front of the room. Click Continue.



  • Click Continue on the next screen where it asks for Description and Location information.


  • Finally, on the last screen that asks for Make and Model, click Modify Printer to complete the setup.

 You have completed updating a printer within Mac OS X

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