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This message is to make you aware that your BW “Outlook Live” Student email account (hosted by Microsoft) was upgraded by Microsoft on JULY 23rd 2013.   While these changes are outside of BW’s control, we are here to help make this transition as easy as possible for you. 



Go to OR you can access your BW email by simply clicking on the Student email link in Blackboard.



Microsoft has chosen to split your account into two pieces: 


Office 365 – This is your BW email. 


Use your BW email address under and BW password to login.  All of your mail will be there.


OneDrive – Microsoft has moved OneDrive formaly known as "SkyDrive"(your personal storage cloud), Microsoft Messenger (chat), SharePoint Online (file sharing), and the cloud-based versions of their Office Productivity Tools here.  You need to access these options from a different URL than your email.  To get to these features, go to:  Your BW user name and password will still work here, as well.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Unfortunately, Microsoft does not allow us the capability of syncing the “Personal Microsoft Account” piece with the rest of your BW accounts.  Therefore, anytime you change or reset your BW password in the future, it will apply to all of your BW accounts EXCEPT for OneDrive.  The password for the Personal Account must be changed separately by going to: 




If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or earlier, you need to upgrade to a newer version (IE8 or IE9)

If you are using Office 2003 or earlier, you need to upgrade to Office 2007 or Office 2010.

If you experience any difficulty with this process, please go to or contact the BW HelpDesk at (440-826-7000) 24-hours a day.



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