How to enable color printing on a Konica Minolta MFD



By default all Baldwin Wallace Network Printers are set to print in black and white to conserve toner.  The following instructions will guide you through enabling the color printing option for your specific print job.


With your document open;

  • Click File
  • Click Print

NOTE: If the File > Print option is not available you can press Ctrl + P on your keyboard.  Depending on the type of document and the software used to view the document, you printing window will vary.



  • Click Printer Properties or Properties, depending on your document software.
  • The printer properties will open for the Baldwin Wallace Network Printer you intend to print to.



  • Click the Select Color drop down arrow
  • Click Auto Color

NOTE: If you not see the Select Color option on the My Tab, click the Quality Tab.

  • Click OK
  • Click Print

Your print job will be printed in color.

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