How do I find and complete an application in KEMSIS?

Current and future EMS practitioners in Kentucky complete applications in the Kentucky EMS Information System (KEMSIS). You will need a KEMSIS account to complete an application if you have not already done so.

  1. Login to KEMSIS at with your username and password. If you need assistance with your username or password, use the Forgot Username or Password link on the login page or the Account Lookup feature.
  2. Upon successfully logging into KEMSIS, click the Applications tab from the left hand navigation menu. This will bring up a list of available applications for you. If you are also an EMS organization representative with properly configured system permission, you may also have the ability to complete applications for the organization.
  3. Find the application you wish to complete and click the red Apply Now button. Note: If you have previously started an application, but have not yet finished, you may find it in the list under the Continue sub-menu link.
  4. Depending on the application you selected, you will be taken directly to the form or you may need to also click the red Start button.
  5. Complete the required items contained in the application form. At the end of each application is a signature section. In order to electronically sign the application, enter your KEMSIS username and password (the same one used to login to the system). After entering your username and password click the red Submit button.
  6. Once you have submitted an application you can check on the status of the application as well as see a copy of the application you submitted. You may click the small .pdf icon under each application to see the application that you submitted.
    • Status Information
      • Incomplete: The application is missing some information or payment. The application has NOT been submitted to the KBEMS office if it is in this status.
      • Pending Review: All information has been submitted and payment has been made (if required). This application is in queue in the KBEMS office.
      • Information Requested: The KBEMS office requires additional information from the applicant. Please check your email for more information. The KBEMS office will not process the application until the required documentation or information has been provided.
      • Legal Review: Application is being reviewed by the KBEMS legal team.
      • Director Review: The KBEMS staff have elevated your application for further review by a Director. This is a normal process in processing applications. An example of why this would happen is to verify an out of state Paramedic course meets Kentucky requirements.
      • Issued: This is a terminal status of every application. This means that KBEMS has processed the application to completion. You should have a confirmation email or be able to access the information you need from your KEMSIS account.
      • Archived: Applications that have became stale in the KBEMS system are moved to Archived. They are available to be reactivated, however, there is currently no action on them.
  7. If the application requires payment, go to the "Checkout" tab. It is located on the left navigation area of KEMSIS.
  8. Put a ensure the check box is selected for each application for this transaction. Once you have selected all applications you wish to pay for, click the red Pay Now button.
  9. Insert all payment details in the payment screen. At the bottom of the payment screen, click the red Submit Transaction button.
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