Keiser Student: Please click here to see your Blackboard, email and Portal login instructions.


Dear Student,

Exciting news students! We are now on a new and much improved platform, Blackboard. We are excited to have you part of this new transition.

The Online Division at Keiser University would like to extend a warm welcome to all students taking online classes for the first time in our new platform, Blackboard.

You can watch a video on how to login by clicking here: 

To access the new platform and where you will take your classes this month please go to:

Once there you will see a login box where you can put in a username and password. Your username is your full Keiser University email and your password is your student ID.

Here is a screenshot of what the login box looks like in the Blackboard environment once you go to

Once you have logged in you will be on the ”My Institution” page. Here is what you will see:

My Courses, Orientation Course, and Demo Course – You can watch a video on how to login and navigate in a Blackboard course. Just click here:

  1. To access your course you will go to the top right hand side of your screen and click on the “My Courses” tab. This will open up an area where you will see the student orientation course KU_OL_StudentOrientation_C13SD-2M and a demo course KU_OL_ DEMOCOURSE_C13SD_2M.

  2. Please log in to the student orientation. Carefully go through the orientation so you know how to navigate in our new environment.

  3. Next click on to the demo course and practice navigating in a course. These two steps will help you be successful in participating in your courses.

  4. The” My Courses” tab will be the same location where you find your live course once it becomes available each month.

My Courses

Orientation Course

We suggest you go through the orientation course first. While you go through the orientation course you can practice what you are learning in the demo course.

Demo Course

Next go to your demo course to practice navigating.

Your live courses will display like the example below.

User Agreement

The first time you enter your live course you will see a window open with the “User Agreement”. Once you carefully read the Attendance Policy and accept the user agreement you will see your online classroom. Please note that if you decline the agreement you will not be permitted to enter the class.

Once you accept the User Agreement you will see your classroom.

First click on “Meet Your Instructor”, read the “Syllabus: and go to “Start Here” to begin your course.

Note the “Discussion” area, where you will find an ask question section for any questions you need to ask your instructor. By posting questions to this area this allows other students who may have the same question to see answers.

Read your “Syllabus”.

“Start Here”!

To begin your week 1 do the certification and Pre-test first, the Pre-Test will not count against your grade. You are now ready to begin your week 1 assignments. Please contact your instructor for any issues you have during your classroom experience.

24/7 Helpdesk Information – Supported Browser is Firefox. Click to Download:

You will see an ICON on the top left side of your online course named “Help Desk”. Click on the ICON to reach the Blackboard Support Help Desk 24/7. They can assist with login issues, password issues, and anything technically related to getting into the Blackboard environment. If you cannot reach your course to access you may go directly to this URL: or Call the toll free number: 1-855-412-3717.

Select your Online course Support Center for your University and Campus.

Click on the “Request Support” Link to bring up a new window which will allow you to either Submit a Ticket, Chat with a live support technician (also available in Spanish) or Call using the toll free numbers listed for each campus.

If you are having academic issues, please email for immediate assistance.

Home, Student Resources, and How to Videos

Home Tab

Your home tab is located at the top right hand side of your screen.

When you click the home tab, this will take you to “My Institution”.

Student Resources

The student resources tab is located directly to the right of the “My Institution Tab”. This is an important area for you to use as it contains an Advising Center, Student Center, Writing and Library Center, Tutorial Center, and a Technical Center.

How To Videos

This is a great area where you can view short 2 minute videos on things like, getting started, taking a test, checking your grades, creating a discussion board, submit any assignment….etc.

Student Portal, Keiser Email, and Online Bookstore Access – Please watch this video to find out how to check your upcoming class in the portal and how to order your textbook online. Click here to view:

Student Portal

Your student portal is your lifeline for important information such as your class schedule, grades, payments, and account balances. You should login here on a regular basis. To access the portal enter here: (save this link in your favorites for easy daily access).

Keiser Email Account

Be sure to practice and use your Keiser University email as this is the only way the Instructor communicates with you via email. Instructors do not use personal email accounts. To access your Keiser University email go to (save this link in your favorites for easy daily access).

Order Your Textbook

If you have not already done so, please order books and/or materials needed for your online class at: Please save this email to your desktop as a reference and all links listed within this letter in your favorites for easy access. This will ensure access to useful information each and every month. If concerns or issues arise regarding your online course, please contact the following:

  • If you are enrolled through another campus other than eCampus, please contact your campus Dean immediately. Deans at each campus are listed by clicking on the following link:

  • If you are a student enrolled at eCampus and you have academic questions you can contact the eCampus Deans at and someone will assist you in getting the help you need.

  • If you are not sure who to contact with an issue or concern please use and someone will assist you in getting the help you need.

Remember a whole staff is here to assist you with any and all of your needs. We are only a click away. Have a great class this month and make sure you login on time. Classes open on Sunday before the official start on Mondays. This is a great way to organize and prepare for the weeks to come. Make sure you print and read your Syllabus to find out what you have due and when for the four weeks. Falling behind comes quickly if you do not plan carefully for each week.

Sherry Olsen
Associate Vice Chancellor Online Education
Keiser University Online Division

Online Course Support Center

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