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Assignments vs Turnitin Assignments

The main difference between the standard Assignments tool and the Turnitin Assignment feature is that Turnitin is a Plagiarism Prevention system. 

Assignments: Assignments are integrated with the Grade Center for ease of grading and sending feedback to students.  Students attach and send files, such as term papers for example, to their instructors. In the Grade Center, instructors view student submissions, send comments individually to students about their assignments, and attach files, if necessary.

Turnitin Assignments: This feature is a Building Block that completely integrates into the Course Delivery environment. This integration allows instructors and, if permitted, students to check papers for originality using Turnitin's plagiarism prevention system as part of their standard workflow - without ever leaving the online course. Instructors can create classes and assignments using Turnitin within the familiar Course Delivery interface, and the assignments automatically flow into the Turnitin system. Submitted documents are automatically checked for plagiarism by Turnitin's databases, which include a dynamic 4.5 billion-page Internet database of both current and archived Web content; the vast ProQuest database of published works and other proprietary databases; and their database of over 10 million students' papers already submitted to Turnitin. Instructors access the customized Originality Reports for submitted papers via either the online course or the Turnitin site.

The Turnitin Building Block affords the following features:

  • Ability to create revision assignments or draft assignments
  • Ability to allow students to view originality reports on a per-assignment basis
  • Options to allow the student to submit past the due date or overwrite their previous submissions
  • Bulk download of student submissions
  • File/cut & paste/bulk/zip upload of papers
  • Synchronization of grading in the Turnitin window back to the Grade Center
  • Availability of classes to multiple instructors rather than just a single instructor

For complete information on Turnitin, click here to visit the web site.

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