How do I submit documents to the Financial Aid Office electronically?

You can submit your financial aid documents through the NOVA Financial Aid Online Support Center. 

You may submit a maximum of ten files, totaling no more than 25 MB.

Step 1. Go to the NOVA Financial Aid Online Support Portal.  [You can also reach the support portal by going to and clicking on Current Students > Paying for College > Financial Aid > Support Center.]

Step 2. Click Submit your documents or Request.

Step 3. Complete all required fields.  The Request Type should be Submit Documents.

Step 4. Under Attachment click Attach a File.

Step 5. Click Choose File. Locate the file on your computer.  The file will then be listed under Attachment.  If you have more than one file click Attach another file until all files are listed.

Step 6. Double-check that all the information in the ticket is correct and then click .

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