I just completed my Entrance Counseling or Master Promissory Note (MPN). Why is it not reflecting on my financial aid documents screen as received?

After you have completed the MPN and loan entrance counseling, you will not see the checklists updated for about 3-5 business days. If they don't update then, make sure that you really hit the submit button on each and entered NOVA as the destination (003727). If you are confident you did everything you were required to do, please email Finaidsupport@nvcc.edu with the subject line "MPN and Loan Counseling Problem".

Include your name, NOVA ID and a brief explanation of the problem in the body of the email. College Financial Aid Staff will check federal databases to see if either or both the MPN or counseling are available to pull in. If you completed either or both prior to being awarded, we will not receive notification that these steps are complete unless you tell us.

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