Knowledge Base


  1. Cisco VoIP Solution
  2. What are the new features available in the Cisco VoIP system?
  3. What is Single Number Reach and how do I use it?
  4. How do I leave a voicemail without disturbing the recipient?
  5. How do I use the voice directory feature?
  1. Jabber for Windows and Mac
  2. How do I install Jabber on my Mac or Windows PC?
  3. How do I configure Jabber to use a particular headset or camera?
  4. If I have Cisco Jabber, do I still need a desk phone?
  5. Jabber for iOS
  6. Can I use Cisco Jabber for instant messaging before my phone is moved to the new system?
  7. More...
  1. Unity Voicemail
  2. What are my options if I prefer not to have voicemail?
  3. How long are voicemails stored?
  4. I forgot my voicemail PIN, how do I change it?
  5. How can I access and manage my Cisco voicemail?
  6. What greeting options can I configure?
  7. More...
  1. VoIP Telephones
  2. Which Cisco VoIP phone is right for me?
  3. Are there Quick Start Guides for the Cisco VoIP phones?
  4. Who do I contact if I need to transfer my Ball State phone number to another office on campus?
  5. How do I use all of the features on my new phone?
  6. Which Cisco VoIP telephones can I purchase?
  1. Audio Conferencing
  2. How do I setup a conference call on the Cisco VoIP solution?
  3. I frequently conduct conference calls with more than six people, do you have any options for me?
  4. What is Audio Conferencing?
  1. Billing
  2. How much does a University-issued telephone cost?
  3. How much does voicemail cost?
  4. What is the cost of Meet-Me Plus conferences?
  5. What is the cost per minute for long distance phone calls?
  6. What is the cost per minute on international phone calls?
  1. Ball State Issued Mobile Devices
  2. How do I get a cell phone allowance?
  3. Who do I contact for assistance with my Ball State University issued mobile device?
  1. Long Distance
  2. How do I get a long distance phone call access code?
  3. How do students make long distance calls from a University phone?
  4. How do I get a calling card for off campus phone calls?
  5. How do I make a long distance call from an on-campus phone?
  1. Verizon Discounts
  2. I received an e-mail from Verizon wanting me to verify my employment, how do I do that via U.S. Mail?
  3. I received an e-mail from Verizon wanting me to verify my employment, how do I do that online?
  4. How do I verify my employment with Verizon Wireless so I can keep my employee discount?
  1. Cell Phone/MiFi/Tablet Information
  2. Do Ball State employees get a discount on cell phones?
  3. What is the employee rental program?