How do I upload files into my iWeb? (Mac OSX)

To add files into your iWeb storage space please follow these instructions (Mac OSX Only):

Note: You must use an FTP file-transfer program to move files into your iWeb space. A program such as Fetch can be used for this purpose. This tutorial will focus on using Fetch. 

1. Visit to obtain a free license for fetch. Please follow the instructions on the website in order to obtain your free licensing key.

2. Visit and click on "Download" to begin downloading the Fetch software (as shown):

3. When the download completes the program should open, revealing the following window (as shown):

Note: You may have to open the file manually be double clicking on the download when completed.

4. Drag the "Fetch" icon over to the Applications folder as shown above.

5. Open the Applications folder, locate "Fetch" and double click to run Fetch for the first time.

6. Upon the first run you may receive the following message, press "Open" to proceed:

7. You will now be presented with the following window, requesting your serial number:

8. Press "Enter Serial Number" to register your product for free.

9. Following product activation you will be presented with the following screen. Enter your username in place of "helpdesk" in the example below:

10. Press 'Connect'. You should now see all of the files listed in your iWeb space. You can now drag and drop files into the window below to add or remove files from your iWeb space:

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