How to test my Wi-Fi connection to campus

Ball State University provides a utility called Test My Wi-Fi that is available to test your connection to the campus Wi-Fi network. Test My Wi-Fi can have multiple uses, such as testing the performance of the wireless network in a particular location or to help determine the source of a problem that could be located in your device, the resource you are accessing, or with the network itself.

To access the utility navigate to Once the page loads, please take a moment to tell us about your current location and of any problems you might be having. This information will aid in maintaining the performance of the network. Please supply your email address if you would like to be contacted concerning a problem or a question that you have concerning your Wi-Fi experience. Providing this information is not required to run the test.



Click the Start Tests button to begin. The tests will run for several seconds, although results will display as they become available.


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