Resetting Wireless Adapters

The easiest method of resetting the wireless adapter on a device is to restart it or shut it down completely and then restart. This method will be more likely to solve your problem as the operating system is started fresh along with the wireless adapter. Be sure to save all of your work before going through this process. If you would like to restart your wireless adapter manually then select the appropriate section below depending on the type of device you are using.

Windows 7

Begin by clicking the start button and enter “view network connections” in the search box. When the search results are displayed click on View network connections. Right click on the connection named Wireless Network Connection and select Disable.



The connection will change to gray and display a status of disabled. Once this happens you may once again right click on the connection and select Enable.


Windows 8

In the Windows 8 search box type wireless device. The search results will include Turn wireless devices on or off. Clicking this option will take you to a network settings page that has a section for wireless devices. There you can use the slider to turn the Wi-Fi off. Please wait five to ten seconds and turn the Wi-Fi back on.


Mac OS X & iOS

Click on the wireless icon located on the menu bar. Select Turn Wi-Fi Off on the resulting menu.



The icon will change to signify that the wireless has shut down. Click on the icon a second time and select Turn Wi-Fi On.



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