Wireless Driver Updates

Wi-Fi technologies are continually evolving in order to keep up with our changing use of wirelessly connected devices and increasing performance needs. Updating wireless drivers on a regular basis therefore is necessary to allow your device connect to new Wi-Fi networks and operate at an optimum level. Select the appropriate section below for tips on updating your drivers.

Apple OS X and iOS

Apple devices receive wireless driver updates through the software update utility. It is recommended to allow these updates to install as they become available.


Utilizing the device manufacturer’s website is recommended to obtain current and stable wireless driver updates. As an example, HP will provide drivers that they have tested and deemed stable for use in each of their devices. Each manufacturer’s website has a support section that will list all available drivers. Most often the drivers are provided as a self-installing utility making the update a simple process.


Android devices receive wireless adapter driver updates along with normal system updates.

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