Can I use my streaming device on the wireless network (Roku, Chromecast, etc)

Wired connections will provide the optimal streaming experience while on campus. Due to the wireless network being a shared medium, stream video on a wired connection if possible. All rooms are equipped with at least one Ethernet jack that can be used for wired connectivity to the network. If more than one port is needed, purchase an inexpensive switch to connect two or more devices to the Ethernet jack. If your streaming device is wireless only, then contact the help desk for assistance.

Chromecast is not supported on the wireless network, due to the lack of security features within the device.

Screen mirroring from mobile devices to streaming players is not supported on the wireless network, due to multicast being required. We are working with the major vendors to change these requirements, so screen mirroring can be used in enterprise networks, like the one found at Ball State University.

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