How do I connect a wireless printer in my dorm room or university apartment?


The most secure way to connect a printer to your computer is via a USB cable. Since it is a direct connection between your computer and printer, no one will be able to intercept and view confidential information you print, like a credit card bill or a bank statement.

Via 802.1x

Some printers now support 802.1x authentication to the network. This is the same methodology you use to connect your laptop to the eduroam or bsusecure network -- you configure the printer with your BSU email address and password and it will automatically connect to the wireless network. Make sure you use the same SSID (network) for your printer and laptop so they can communicate with each other.

The 802.1x connection is encrypted and therefore should be secure. However, be advised that printers do not have any protection methods to keep others from using your printer. So it’s possible that someone might send unwanted or harassing prints to your printer.


Contact the Technology Helpdesk

If the other two options do not work for your situation, contact the Technology Helpdesk and tell them you are a Housing resident and have a device that cannot do 802.1x authentication. They will open a ticket on your behalf and someone will be in contact with you.




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