Connecting eduroam or bsusecure using an Android mobile device

To connect your Android phone or tablet please follow these steps:

Watch this short video demonstration (click here)

1. Go to Settings on the Android device:

Please note:  Android devices are often
different and each device may vary in
menus and steps necessary to get

2. Locate and open the Wi-Fi settings:

3. Ensure that Wi-Fi is turned ON and then click on the eduroam or bsusecure Wi-Fi network:

4. In the configuration for eduroam or bsusecure set:

EAP method: PEAP

Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2

CA certificate: (leave this blank)

User certificate: (leave this blank)

5. In the configuration for bsusecure set:

Identity: (BSU username for bsusecure, or if connecting to EDUROAM use your full BSU e-mail address)

Anonymous identity: (leave this blank)

Password: (BSU password)

Advanced options are not required

Click Connect:

6. If the configuration was correct, the status should change to Connected after 10-30 seconds.

Troubleshooting steps to try if connecting to eduroam or bsusecure fails:

1. Ensure that the configuration matches the above steps by modifying it.
    To modify the configuration for the wireless network, click and hold (long click)
    on its name in the list of Wi-Fi networks (step 3 above).

2. Toggle Wi-Fi off and then back on.

3. Restart the phone.

4. Check if your phone has pending software updates and install them.  You will need to have Android OS version 4 or higher.

5. Forget all BSU Wi-Fi networks including bsusecure, bsuguest, and eduroam.  To forget a network, click and hold (long click) on its name in the list of Wi-Fi networks (step 3 above). Retry the above steps.

6. Bring the phone in to the Tech Center.

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