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Ball State University provides 802.11a/g/n, and in some locations 802.11ac, Wi-Fi network coverage in all Academic, Administrative, Residence Hall buildings, and satellite offices in Muncie, Indianapolis, and Fishers.  Many outdoor common areas like Frog Baby, The Quad, Schumann Stadium, Ball Diamonds, Shaffer Tower, Briner Sports Complex, and various parking facilities are accessible to wireless connectivity. Access is provided for anyone directly affiliated with the University or its guests. This network does not provide access for off-campus locations.  (Please note that 802.11b, an older, slower, protocol is no longer provided due to performance reasons.)


Wi-Fi Offerings

There are three general use networks available on campus:


eduroam provides the richest user experience of all the network offerings. eduroam is a secure worldwide federated network which allows you to use your Ball State University username and password to securely access local resources while here on-campus, and when at another participating institution, gain guest access. For example, if you set your computer to use the eduroam network here at Ball State University and then visit someone at Indiana or Purdue your eduroam connection will automatically give you access at those locations.

Your device will connect via 802.1x authentication using your username (e.g. jdoe@bsu.edu) and your password. The connection will be encrypted to help provide security via WPA-2.


bsusecure provides all the same experience as eduroam except that it is restricted to Ball State University locations. It uses the same 802.1x authentication and WPA-2 encryption, but will not provide access when you visit other institutions.


The bsuguest network provides an unencrypted (unsecure) wireless network for campus guests. Guest access is intended for temporary access by visitors of the University to give them restricted access to the Internet. Individuals using this guest network have the same access to campus resources as external users.

Access to the bsuguest network is granted after you accept a web-based acceptable use policy. You will be re-directed to this policy statement page periodically to renew your access. Devices using this network therefore need to have web capability.

Using VPN on the wireless network

Since the wireless network (eduroam and bsusecure) already provide encryption, there is no advantage in using the VPN also. This would cause additional overhead for no practical reason thus lowering your overall performance.

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