How do I re-sync MyMediasite content on Blackboard to correct playback issues?

If your students have difficulty accessing some of your My Mediasite videos, re-syncing may correct the issue.

The Mediasite tool for Blackboard needs to be synced with your My Mediasite account in order for your students to access the Mediasite links in your course. Syncing the accounts is also necessary in order to add new My Mediasite links to your course. Syncing must be done at the beginning of every semester for each Blackboard course using My Mediasite links.  

A common example of this issue is that students are re-directed to the Blackboard homepage after clicking a My Mediasite link:

At this time we recommend the following procedure to re-sync your My Mediasite Account with Blackboard:

1. Visit and login to Blackboard

2. Enter the course that contains My Mediasite videos

3. Navigate to the COURSE MANAGEMENT section of your Blackboard course (lower left side).

4. Locate and click on 'Mediasite Options' from the Course Tools menu, located on the left side of the screen:

5. Choose 'MyMediaSite' from the 'Mediasite Server' drop-down list as shown:

6. Clear out your existing Username and Password. Then Enter your Ball State Username and Password into Step 2 as shown:

Note: this must be your USERNAME, not your EMAIL address.

7. Make certain that both boxes are checked for 'Presentations' and 'Catalogs' as shown:

8. Click submit to resync your mediasite account.

For additional assistance on this topic, please review the video

How To Sync My Mediasite and Blackboard

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