I have a Lenovo laptop and am unable to connect to BSUsecure. What can I do to fix this?

The Ball State BSUsecure Wireless System is continually updated to improve quality of service and wireless performance. To keep up with improvements it is important and necessary to make sure that your computer's networking equipment is up to date with current software. Unified Technology Services recommends that all users check for updates to maintain compatibility with networks on campus. 

Users with Lenovo laptops may experience difficulty when attempting to connect to the BSUsecure Wireless Network. This is commonly due to an out-of-date Intel wireless-adapter driver. Users should follow the steps below to determine if their machine contains an Intel adapter. Users should then update drivers as appropriate:

How to determine if your machine has an Intel Wireless Adapter (Windows Only):

1. Open the Start Menu by clicking on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of the screen as shown. Open Control Panel:

2. Locate and click on Device Manager in the Control Panel as shown:

3. Locate and expand the area for Network Adapters. Check to see if an 'Intel' adapter is shown. If so, continue, if not, then this article will not apply to you:

4. Double click on the Intel adapter to bring up a new window. Click on the Driver tab and verify the Driver Version. You must have a minimum of version 15.1:

5. If your driver version is 15.1 or higher then please contact the Technology Helpdesk for assistance connecting to BSUsecure. If the version is less than 15.1 please continue with the following:

How to update your Intel Wireless Drivers:

1. Visit http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/detect

2. Click on the "check your system for updates" button.

Note: Be sure to activate or allow any prompts that appear. These prompts will allow the automatic-driver-detection utility to run.

3. Following the automatic-detection wizard you will be presented with download links to update your Intel products.

4. Download and run any Intel driver updates. Follow the above procedure to verify that updates have been performed, and that your Intel drivers are now updated to version 15.1 or higher.

Note: If you have experience any trouble or have any questions relating to driver updates please contact the Technology Helpdesk

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