How Do I Activate Adobe Creative Cloud 2014?

Activate Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 (Windows and Mac)

After Installing an Adobe application you will need to Signing In to begin using the software.  See the Sign In step below for details. You may use the Adobe application(s) you just installed for 30 days before you must have the software activated.

To make sure you can continue to use the software after the 30 day, please also complete the Activation process further down on this page.


Open an Adobe app.

You will see a License Agreement and a Sign In page.

No Adobe ID:
If you do not have an Adobe ID, click Create an Adobe ID. Provide the information requested and create an Adobe password. Use your BSU email as your Adobe ID email address.

Have Adobe ID:
If you have already created your Adobe ID, Sign In with your BSU email address.  Make sure to use your Adobe password, not your BSU password.

Once signed in, you will be notified that you have 30 days before you must activate the software.  Click Start Trial.


To begin activation of your Adobe applications, open a web browser.

(Safari, Firefox or Chrome)

On a Mac, go to your Dock or Applications folder...

... or on a Windows computer, go to your Task Bar or Start Screen to open a web browser.

(Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome)

Go to the site:

Click Submit a Web Ticket near the top left of the HelpDesk homepage.

You will be taken to the Ball State login page.  Please enter your BSU username and password and click Log In.

You are now able to create a ticket.

Be sure to fill in ALL of the requested fields according to your specific situation.

Important: Request Type must be ADOBE ACTIVATION.

Important: You must provide the BSU Number and/or Serial Number for the computer you want to activate.

Once you have filled in all applicable fields, scroll to the bottom of the ticket page and click Submit Ticket.

You will then receive an email confirming your ticket submission.

A staff member from the Tech Center will contact you to schedule a remote activation of your Adobe software.

You are now finished with this guide.  Please see your BSU email inbox for the 2 emails mentioned above.

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