How Can I Tell if A Web Site Uses HTTPS Security?

You can tell if the web site uses this security by looking for the HTTPS in front of the address and the “lock” icon, which may appear in different locations depending on your choice of web browser:

In addition to the “https” and “lock” icon circled above, you also need to check the address of the site to be sure you trust it before entering your password or other confidential information. For example, the page above is a “” page which requires login by username and password, and which uses the HTTPS and lock for browser security. Compare this with a phishing page below, which an attacker might use to try to steal your password:

Notice that in this example above, the “HTTPS” and lock are missing, and the page is hosted on “” instead of “” as in the earlier example. It is important to note that an attacker able to get you to visit this page (either by a link in a false e-mail message or any number of methods) would only be stopped by your diligence in noting these discrepancies and choosing not to enter your confidential information. The only way you can protect yourself from this kind of attack is to:




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