When should I be using the VPN?

From off-campus, the VPN is needed to access on-campus resources such as file servers, printers, and certain servers not open through the campus firewall. On-campus users do not need the VPN to access these resources when they are connected to the wired network or the wireless network using eduroam, or bsusecure SSIDs.

 As a general rule, you should always consider using the VPN whenever privacy is a concern and where some other means of encryption is not already provided. For example, privacy might not be a concern during casual web browsing where confidential information is not being exchanged. Most people would not feel the need to protect the privacy of the CNN home page, weather forecasts, sports scores, and other similar web sites which do not solicit personal information and which are open to everyone already.

When privacy is absolutely a concern, such as entering passwords or credit card information, most web sites already provide encryption through HTTPS, making the VPN connection unnecessary. If the web site does not use HTTPS encryption, you should avoid entering confidential information, even if you are using the VPN. Instructions for determining whether or not a web site uses HTTPS security are provided below.












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