How do I add websites to Java's exception list on a Mac? (MarvinSketchPad,, etc...)

Certain sites may require that you add an exception to allow Java when using a Mac. Symptoms that may indicate you need to do this are Java error messages or pages that only partially load.  One example is MarvinSketchPad from, used by some science classes here at Ball State.

Here is how to add a certain site to Java's Exception list:

1. Open your System Preferences and then double click the Java icon at the bottom of the window:

2. Click the Security tab at the top, then click on the Edit Site List button:

3. Click Add and then enter the base address of the site you need to allow an exception for, and then click OK:

4. You will see a dialog that asks you to confirm if you want to allow this security exception. Click Continue:

You should now be able to run the Java application required by the web site you added.

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