Should I use the Java or No-Java Version of Kronos?

Kronos Timekeeper is an online 'time clock' used to record and monitor employee hours and wages. Ball State employees should use Kronos to clock-in and out as they arrive and leave work. Administrators (request access here) will use Kronos to sign-off on employee pay-periods and authorize vacation days. 

At this time the Technology Helpdesk recommends that all employees use the No-Java version of Kronos to manage timeclocks. All features available in the Java version of Kronos are available in the No-Java version, although the Java version can still be used.

Note: The Java version requires a minimum of Java 6 Runtime Environment Update 12, and works best with Java 6 Runtime Environment Update 25. See your current Java version and update here.

Note: You must be on the Ball State campus wired/wireless network to access Kronos (the Ball State VPN may also be used).

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