A Mediasite Video is Not Displaying Properly in Windows Vista/7. What do I do?

Occasionally you may experience an issue viewing a Mediasite presentation on Windows Vista or Windows 7 when using Internet Explorer. You may see a red X graphic in place of the video. To solve this error follow these steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer

2. Press the 'Alt' key to reveal a file menu towards the top of the screen (contains file, edit, view, favorites, tools, help, etc).

3. Click on the 'Tools' drop-down menu to display a list.

4. Choose 'Internet Options'.

5. Click on the 'Security' tab. 

6. At the bottom, uncheck the box labeled 'Enable Protected Mode'. 

7. Click Ok, proceed through any warning messages and restart Internet Explorer. Note: You may ignore any future warnings regarding Protected Mode.


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