How do I change what is backed up by MozyPro?

You can modify which files are set to automatically backup to the MozyPro Cloud Storage by following these steps:

MozyPro for PC:

1. Open MozyPro. You will see the following window. Click on 'File System':

2. You will now see your user folder (Helpdesk is shown as the user in the following example). Click on the + next to the user folder to expand the folder:

3. Check the boxes next to the folders that you would like to include in the backup. Now you may close MozyPro.


MozyPro for Mac:

1. Begin by opening the System Preferences either by clicking on the following icon from your bottom toolbar or searching for 'System Preferences' in the Spotlight search in the top right corner of the screen:

2. After the 'System Preferences' window appears, find 'MozyPro' at the bottom of the window. The MozyPro icon should look like this:

3. Clicking on the MozyPro icon will launch the configuration window. Click on the 'Files and Folders' tab as shown:

4. You will now see a list of files and folders. You will notice a series of green and yellow dots next to folders (as shown). Green dots indicate that the entire folder will be backed up, including all subfolders. A yellow dot represents that only a few of the items in the folder will be backed up. You may drag your mouse over a dot to reveal a '+' or '-' icon. You may use + to add a folder to the backup, and - to remove a folder from the backup.

5. When you are finished selecting the folders that you would like to include in the backup you may close the window.


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