What is MozyPro?

MozyPro is software provided to BSU faculty and staff that allows user data to be backed up to the 'cloud'. Faculty and Staff may download and use MozyPro to create automatic backups that can be restored in the event of a disaster or as a user changes machines. MozyPro supports both Mac and PC, and contains several key features:

  • Unlimited storage space and number of backups

  • Data/Backups stored on MozyPro secure servers

  • Customize backup locations: Choose which files and locations you would like to backup

  • Automatic incremental backups mean that data is backed up as files are created or changed

  • Scheduled backups can be run daily, weekly, or monthly

  • Uses secure SSL encryption to move data to the 'cloud' (MozyPro servers) securely

  • Browse Backups: Search your backups for specific files and download them to any machine

  • Version 'Snapshot' support: Restore file versions up to 60 days in the past

          Note: Students can not use MozyPro.


Unlike popular services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, which allow you to drag-and-drop files, MozyPro deals with software and data backups of defined filetypes and directories. If you wish to be able to drag-and-drop files to a location, consider services such as Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Check out the following links to download and install MozyPro on your machine: 

How do I obtain and install MozyPro Backup for Microsoft Windows?

How do I obtain and install MozyPro Backup for Mac OSX?

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