What version of Java do employees need for INB Banner in Windows 7?

Ball State University's INB Banner are not compatible with the latest version of Java.  If you use these systems, updating Java will result in limited or no access to these systems.

The recommended version of Java to use for INB is Java 6 update 25 (click to download).  If you have updated or installed a more recent version of Java (such as Java 7 update 40) you will need to uninstall your version of Java.  Then, install this recommended version.



Here is how to uninstall your version of Java and install the recommended version of Java in Windows 7 (similar steps in XP, Vista & 8):

1. Click the Start Button and then Control Panel.


2. In Control Panel, choose Uninstall Programs.


3. Find and Uninstall all versions of Java in the list of Programs.


4. Once all versions of Java are removed, click here to download Java 6 update 25 from the Helpdesk.


5. Once Downloaded, Locate the Java Installer and double click to Run.



6. Accept any Yes/No dialog boxes referring to Java.


7. Java Setup should start and complete.


8. Java 6 update 25 is now installed.  You should now be able to log in to Kronos and INB using supported web browsers. 


9. If you still cannot log in to Kronos or INB, you may need to enable the Java plug-in / add-on in your browser's settings.

This process is different depending on which browser you use. Here is an example using Firefox:


10. Click the Firefox Button in the top right and then click Add-ons.


11. Locate Java Platform and change it from "Never Activate" to "Always Activate."


12. The Java 6 update 25 plug-in is now Active.  Close and reopen your browser, and then try to log in to INB again.

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