Wireless Access for University Visitors, Partners, and Guests

Unified Communications provides an unencrypted wireless network for campus guests. Please see the BSU Guest How-To videos for detailed instructions on how to access this bsuguest network. Guest access is intended for parents, conference attendees, library patrons, hotel guests, special event attendees, university partners and other temporary visitors to the university. Visitors from other institutions that participate with eduroam, have a secure encrypted wireless network they are able to join while at BSU.  Prior to coming to BSU campus visitors should have had their eduroam authentication verified.  Ball State University faculty, staff and students are encouraged to use the bsusecure wireless network. Please visit the Unified Technology Support (UTS) Online Technical Support Center at Helpdesk if you have questions or would like help connecting to the bsuguest wireless network.


Disclaimers: Usage is subject to adherence to all applicable university policies and procedures. Access is granted through these procedures for wireless access only. Access to other university resources (printers, databases, computer systems, services, etc.) is generally not permitted, even if it would appear that access is possible. Guest access usage is subject to audit.

The intentional use of false names, aliases, or grossly incomplete or inaccurate information is a violation of the Information Technology Users’ Privileges and Responsibilities policy and may subject the sponsor to sanctions as provided in that policy, as well as other actions. If you have reason to believe such activity has occurred or is occurring, contact the Information Security Services.


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