Campus Network Access & Connections

New Connections:

For new network connections, faculty and staff are asked to complete a CSR (Communications Services Request) form. This form is available at  For additional assistance, please contact Technology Helpdesk.

Requirements for a Network Connection:

Generally speaking, all computers today, desktops and laptops, have built-in Ethernet cards, and or wireless cards. If connecting to the wired network, a Cat5, or Cat6 Ethernet cable is needed. These can both be purchased from the Technology Store located in Bracken Library in room 103. Departments sometimes will supply Ethernet cables for their employees, but they need to make sure they are either Cat 5 or Cat6 to work efficiently.

Please Note:

It is very important to NEVER plug a wired/wireless router or wireless access point into the campus network. These devices pose a serious security risk for users and will cause conflicts on the campus network. If a network connection is found to have any of these devices plugged into it, the connection will be disabled immediately.


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