How do I export a course package so that I may copy content from one course to another?

The "Export Course" feature in Blackboard creates a package (archive) of course content that can later be imported into the same or a different course. This feature effectively allows you to take a "snapshot" of a course, placing all course content into a file that can be distributed as needed.

To export all of a course's content into a file:

1. Begin by selecting the Blackboard course that you wish to export content from:

2. After entering your course locate the "Packages and Utilities" area of the Course Management window, located on the left side of the screen:

3. Expand the Packages and Utilities link to reveal an option for "Export/Archive Course":

4. Click Export/Archive Course

5. Click on the Export Package button

6. Verify that the course you wish to export shows up under Step #1 (example shown below):

7. Read the options listed under Step #2 to determine how you would like to export course data:

You can choose between exporting all course data (making the package file size larger) or only exporting links to data already stored on blackboard (requiring only a small amount of data to be saved to package file).

8. Choose which data you wish to export into the package file. If you wish to copy the entire course, choose "select all" to fill in all check boxes:

NOTE: The default option for Discussion Boards is set to include starter posts for each thread in each forum (anonymized). This will cause many student posts to appear that will most likely need deleted. The second option will prevent student discussions from being copied.

9. Choose "Submit" to begin creating the package file. You should see a green confirmation bar (as shown below) when you are taken back to the Export/Archive page:

10. Your package file is now being created. This will take some time, depending on the size of the course and the amount of data being exported. You may refresh this page or return later to begin downloading your package file.

11. When your package file is ready you will receive an email. You will also notice that the package file will show up on the Export/Archive course page. An example is shown below:

(SAFARI users: Please use Firefox or Chrome to download this zip file. Safari extracts the zip file instead of leaving it intact. You will need this file to be a zip file to import it back into Blackboard later.)

12. Click on the file name to begin downloading your package.  Please note that large courses may take a long time to download.  Do not close your browser or disconnect from your internet connection until the download is complete.

13. You may now import content into another course if you would like. To do this please visit "How do I import a course package..."

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