Why can't I log in to Blackboard?

Students: The following criteria must be met before you can log in to blackboard:

1. Students must be enrolled in at least one course

2. At least one of your courses must have been made available by your instructor

3. Your course must have started (based upon the start date)

4. You must be using the correct username and password

See below for more details on each of these student criteria.

Instructors: The following criteria must be met before you can log in to blackboard:

A. Instructors must be assigned at least 1 course (usually by your department, using Banner)

B. Instructors must create assigned courses through Bb Toolbox

1. You must be enrolled in at least one course before you can log in to blackboard. To enroll in a course visit the MyBSU Portal.

2. Your instructor must create your course on Blackboard and make it available to students. Until at least one of your courses is made available you will be unable to log in. If you are able to log in but still do not see one of your courses, then it is likely that one of your professors has yet to make the course available. To find out if your professor(s) have created your courses please contact the Technology Helpdesk to create a web-ticket for assistance. Alternatively you may call 765-285-1517 to speak with a representative about your courses. Please see "Why are my courses not showing up in Blackboard even although I’m registered for the classes?" for more information.

3. Every course has a 'start date'. For on campus courses this start date is usually on the same day as the start of the semester. For online courses this start date may vary depending on course registration times and other variables.

To check to see when the start date for a course is follow the following procedure:

I. Open up a web-browser and visit http://my.bsu.edu.

II. Log in using your Ball State Credentials (username and password).

II. Click on the link for Self Service Banner (shown below):

IV. Click on the "Student" tab, followed by the "Registration" tab (shown below):

V.  Click on the “Schedule” tab (should appear after clicking the registration button)

VI.  On the following page you should see your schedule for the current semester. Notice the “Start Date” column adjacent to each of the listed courses. This start date indicates when your course will begin, also indicating when the course will become available on Blackboard:


4. You must be using your Ball State username and password to log in. Your username typically begins with your first and middle initial followed by your last name. ie: John R Smith would have a username similar to jrsmith. Make sure to only use the username - Do not include @bsu.edu with your username. You must be using the correct password. The password IS case sensitive. To change or reset your password visit the BSU Password Management Page.

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