How long will my account last?

Your Ball State account used to access campus resources and its related email address ( will expire within 6 months following graduation or leave of the university. When your account expires you will be unable to login to campus machines, check email, or access the MyBSU Portal. Because of this, it is recommended that you make copies of any email messages or data that you may wish to save before leaving the university. Because your email address will expire, it is recommended that you do not create any accounts with the email (Facebook, Twitter, banking information, PayPal, eBay, etc.) because you will not have access to it after leaving the university. 

Following graduation, you will have the option to create an alumni email account ( This account will stay active indefinitely, but will not offer you access to campus machines or resources (only email).

If you need to keep your Ball State account active following the leave of university please contact the Technology Helpdesk. Be sure to include your username and why you'd like to keep your account active. 













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