Why do I get redirected to another website when I try to login to Ball State resources?

Depending on which part of the Ball State website you are viewing (www.bsu.edu) you may notice that the web address (shown in the top address bar of your internet browser) may or may show as a bsu.edu address. This is typical in most cases. Ball State utilizes outside sources for some services, such as email, Blackboard, technology services, Lynda, etc. In these instances, the Ball State website may 'tunnel' through other websites to provide you with these services. For example, when checking your your Ball State 365 Webmail, you may notice something similar to the following in the top address bar:


If you are concerned about the validity of one of the Ball State services or have any questions about web page redirection please visit the Technology Helpdesk Website to create a web-ticket for assistance. Alternatively you may call 765-285-1517 to speak with a representative.

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