What is Conversation View and how do I turn it off in Outlook 365 Webmail?

The default view in Outlook 365 Webmail is known as 'conversation view'. This new view groups together related email messages. Conversation view is intended to be a time-saver, but it can also be confusing if you are not used to it. 


The above image shows how an email message will appear in your inbox whether or not conversation view is active. When conversation view is turned off, simply double-clicking on this email message will open the email. When conversation view is on, double-clicking will provide the view shown below:


In the above image, conversation view is showing all emails (sent and received) in an ordered list dating back to the original message. To view any of these 'pieces' of the above conversation between Andrew J Carson and Brandon Campbell, simply double-click on one of the 4 emails listed. 

Conversation view is not for everyone, and some may prefer the traditional approach of simply double-clicking on an email to open it. This is known as the traditional view. To turn off conversation view and return to the traditional view:


1. Click on "Conversations by Date" (shown above) to open a drop-down list.

2. Under the "Conversations" section of the drop-down list, check the option for "off".

Note: You will need to do this on each folder that you wish to disable conversation view in.



If you require further assistance or have any questions about how to adjust conversation view please visit the Technology Helpdesk Website to create a web-ticket for assistance. Alternatively you may call 765-285-1517 to speak with a representative.

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