How do I setup my email with Microsoft Outlook on a Windows Computer?

How do I setup my email with Microsoft Outlook on a PC/Windows Computer?

Note: if your computer is on the BSU domain and you are logged in using your Ball State account (Ball State username and password) you will be presented with an automated wizard when opening up Outlook 2007/2010/2013 for the first time. If your computer is not on the BSU domain or you are not presented with the wizard follow the steps below.

Outlook 2007/2010/2013 (Windows Only)

1.  Click on the Start Menu (in the bottom left corner) (Note: In Windows 8, Visit the start menu by clicking the 'Windows Key' on your keyboard. Type the words "Control Panel" to locate the control panel)

2.  Open the Control Panel

3.  In the Control Panel selectMail

4.  When the Mail Setup dialog box appears chooseEmail Accounts”. (Note: In Windows 8 you may need to create a new profile before the "Add New Email Account" dialog will appear. To do so click 'add' in the window that appears. Give your profile a name (ex: default) and hit OK. You should now see the "Add New Email Account" window as shown below)

5.  To add a new account, chooseNew” under the Email tab in the Account Settings dialog box.

6.  Fill in the form as shown below with your Ball State credentials:

 7.  Choose Next, and allow Outlook to begin searching and configuring your account. Note: if you are presented with a warning, asking if you would like to allow a website to configure account settings, choose allow (as seen below):


 8.  If requested, type your Ball State email address and password into any prompts. Note: Outlook may ask you for your email address and password several times.

 9.  When searching is complete, chooseFinish”. Verify that your email address now shows up in the “Account Settings” dialog box under the “Email” tab as shown:

10.  Close all dialog boxes and open Outlook to begin accessing your email.

Note: If the auto-detection/search process in the above wizard can not locate the server you may have to input one manually. If asked for a server address you may input


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