How do I request a BSU Computer Account for a Campus GUEST or ADJUNCT Faculty?

Adjunct Faculty/Guest Account Access Request Form

About this Form:

The form described here is used to request e-mail and other services for adjunct faculty and guests of the university. Adjunct faculty are those part-time or full-time faculty members who instruct BSU students but who are not paid by the university. University guests include, but are not limited to, invited speakers and lecturers, on-site business or technical consultants, and other similar individuals. Questions regarding the use of this form should be directed to the Information Security Services Team.

This form should not be used for requesting accounts for departments or student organizations. For these other requests, see the "Other Related Forms" list at the bottom of this page.

How to access this Form:

To request a BSU Guest Account, go to MyBSU ( ) and open the Banner folder.  Under Banner, click on Workflow.

Workflow Menu:

Once in Workflow, open the My Processes section.

List of "My Processes"

In the My Processes section, select "Security - Adjunct Faculty & Guest Account Creation".

Naming a Workflow:

To start a Workflow, you must name it. A Workflow Note is not required. Enter a name and then click Start Workflow.

You'll see a confirmation page, click OK.

Open your Worklist:

This new workflow starts off in your Worklist.

Note: It may take up to a minute before the new workflow appears in your Worklist.

Click Worklist on the right menu, and then select the workflow you just created to continue.

Completing the Form:

Fill out the requested details.  Fields with an asterisks (*) are required.

Email Address: Should be an existing, non-BSU email address owned by the Guest. The new BSU Guest Account login credentials will be sent to this email address.

Justification:  Include the reason this account should be created.

Sponsoring Administrator: Usually your administrator or yourself. 

Most necessary details are provided on the form. Be sure to read all the form information carefully.  When finished, click Complete.

Be sure to click Complete to submit the form. Note: Save & Close will save the form in your Worklist for later, but will not move on to the next step until you chose Complete.

If there are errors, the form will not let you complete it until the errors are corrected.

Email after Completion:

Once complete, your request will be validated.  You will receive an email in about 10 minutes from

If all the information is correct, the email will ask you to return to Workflow and confirm the information you have provided.  If you entered information that cannot be validated, you will instead receive an email with details on the problem.

Either click the link in this email, or return to your Workflow Worklist as described previously.  Review your form and then click Complete again.

The Workflow request will then move out of your Worklist and be sent to an Approver. You will be emailed if your request is declined. If approved, the account creation process will begin.

Email when account is ready:

Once the new account is created the requester (you) and the sponsor will receive an email notifying them that the process is complete.  The new account holder (guest) will also be emailed at the address you provided for them, with his/her new BSU account information.


Other Related Forms:

Departmental Account requests:

Student Organizations - Office of Student Life:

Guest Students from another college or university - Registrar:


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