How do I request a BSU Computer Account for a Campus Guest?

How do I request a BSU Computer Account for a Campus Guest?

What is a Guest Account?

A Guest Account gives non-BSU members access to some, but not all, BSU resources. Guest Account holders have access to Offices365 email and calendars, connection to bsusecure WiFi and BSU VPN, and a few other electronic resources.

What a Guest Account is not:

A Guest Account does not grant access to Blackboard, Banner, Recreation Facilities, Library, or ID cards. If a Guest needs special access to these or additional resources please note this in the Account Justification field in Step 8 below. Requests for additional services will be handled on an individual basis.

Who can have a Guest Account?

Examples of university guests include, but are not limited to: invited speakers and lecturers, on-site business or technical consultants, and other similar individuals. Additional categories of guests may be approved by the Director of Information Security Services at his/her sole discretion. This form should not be used for requesting accounts for departments or student organizations.

You cannot request your own Guest Account. A Guest Account can only be requested by BSU Faculty and Staff on behalf of a campus Guest.

How to request a Guest account:

1. Log into Banner at and click the Workflow link.

(Workflow is a system used to route and track tasks along a defined series of people)

2. Find and click My Processes under the User Profile section.

3. In the list of Workflow forms find and click Security – Create Guest Account.

4. Now name the Workflow. This name should just be a very short, simple description of this specific request.

For example: Guest Account – John Smith. This Notes field should be left blank, notes can be entered in the next form.

5. Click Start Workflow.

6. Click the OK button.

7. Now a WorkFlow has been started, but still requires more information.

Click the name of the Workflow just created in the Worklist.

8. Please fill out the form with the Guest’s personal information.

All fields are mandatory except for the Expiration Date field. However, if the need for the guest account has a specific ending date, please note that in this field.

The Email Address should be an existing non-BSU email address that the Guest is the owner of. The new BSU Guest Account login credentials will be sent to this email address.

If you need access to Blackboard, Banner, Recreation Facilities, Library, or ID cards and are not sure who to contact, please note this in the Account Justification field. We will email you the contact information of the appropriate office to request these services through.

Clicking Save and Close will not submit the request. Instead, it will be saved for later completion. Once the form is completely filled out, click Complete.

9. After clicking Complete, the Guest Account request has now been submitted.

Status updates will be emailed to the requester. The Guest will be emailed when the Guest’s account has been created.

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