How do I request a BSU computer name or email for a departmental account or other special purpose?

If you need a Ball State Computer Username for a special purpose, such as a departmental account, you may request one by completing the appropriate Workflow. Please read the instructions below to learn the steps necessary to complete the Workflow.

After you have read the instructions below, you may access the BSU Computer Username Special Request Workflow to submit your request for a departmental account. (This same form can also be reached through MyBSU / Banner. In Banner, click the Workflow link and then under My Profile click My Processes.)

1. Once you have accessed Workflow, you will want to click on the link that says Security – BSU Computer Username Special Request.

2. When the next screen comes up, you must first enter a Workflow Specifics Name. When you do so, make sure you include the username you are requesting. BSU usernames are not case-sensitive. In the example below, the username being requested is testacct.

3. Once you have entered a Workflow Specifics Name, click the Start Workflow button.

4. When you get the message that the Workflow has started successfully, click the OK button.

5. Click the Workflow link that matches the Workflow Specifics Name that you entered in Step 2 of this process.

6. The BSU Computer Username Special Request form will now appear. Complete the form, following the instructions provided on the form.

*Note about FOAPAL code: This must be the 6-digit Organization code, not the entire 22-digit FOAPAL.

*Note about FOAPAL code: This must be the 6-digit Organization code, not the entire 22-digit FOAPAL.

7. Please note that the Save & Close button will store your progress for later retrieval but will not submit the form. When you have completed the form, click the Complete button to submit your request.

8. You're Done!

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