Why does my Mac not load some webpages that use Java?

Make sure that you are running the latest version of Java for your Operating System.

Note: BSU employee using Kronos or INB Banner require a specific Java version and should NOT update to the latest version.  Please contact the Helpdesk or search our Knowledge Base for recommendations on what is needed for these systems.

  1. Click the Apple icon at the upper left hand corner of your screen to determine which version of Mac OS you are running.
  2. If you have 10.7.3 or higher, visit http://java.com to download and install the latest Java update (Java version 7 update 13 at the time of publication).
  3. If your version of Macintosh OS is 10.7.2 or lower, run your software update from the Apple menu to download the latest patch released by Apple.

When running web applications, please be sure to click “yes” when asked if you want to run the software; you will be asked at least twice.


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