How do I obtain Adobe CS6 Design Standard or Master Collection Software (Faculty & Staff Only)?

Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) for Ball State University/Adobe Download and Activation Process

Please read this page carefully before downloading and beginning the activation process. These products can only be installed on university owned workstations or mobile laptop devices, and are of no charge to you or your department.

Step 1: Select a Version

Design Standard - Details

Master Collection - Details

Acrobat X Pro

Adobe Bridge
Adobe Device Central
Adobe Media Encoder
Acrobat X Pro
Adobe Bridge
Adobe Device Central
Adobe Media Encoder

Flash Builder
Flash Professional

After Effects
Premiere Pro

For users who need high-performance drawing, painting, pattern, image manipulation tools and Acrobat X Professional.

For users who need an advanced professional toolset to explore new ways to design amazing print, web, and video experiences.
*If you do not need the entire suite you will still need to download the full installer. When prompted to install on your workstation, if you only need Acrobat X Professional for instance, select only that application. If you choose at a later date to install the other applications in the Suite you are able to do so.

Step 2: Download

Design Standard - Downloads

Master Collection - Downloads

Windows PC

Design Standard - File 1 of 2 (4.0 GB)

Design Standard - File 2 of 2 (1 MB)

(Download both file 1 and 2)

Windows PC

Master Collection - File 1 of 2 (6.7 GB)

Master Collection - File 2 of 2 (1 MB)

(Download both file 1 and 2)

Mac OS

Design Standard (3.8 GB)

Mac OS

Master Collection (7.1 GB)

*You will be prompted to log in with your BSU username and password.

Step 3: Install

a. Please uninstall any older versions of the Adobe software prior to installing this newer versions.

b. For PC, place both files in the same folder and run the executable (.exe) to begin installation.

c. For Mac, simply run the file you downloaded.

d. When given the option to Install or Try, choose Try.

e. You will need to sign in with an your Adobe ID. If you do not have one click "Create an Adobe ID" in the installer.

f. Select the Adobe applications that you would like to install.

g. After the install completes, you will have 30 days to use CS6 before it requires activation by the Technology Helpdesk.

Please see Step 4 below to activate.


Step 4: Activate

To activate your 30-day free trial and join the Ball State and Adobe Enterprise License
Agreement you must:

a. Submit a ticket to the HelpDesk at

I. Please select “ADOBE ACTIVATION” in the drop down menu for Request Type.

II. Please fill out the remaining fields appropriately, including: BSU number, Individual / Lab, Terms and Conditions, etc.

b. Once you have submitted the HelpDesk ticket you will receive an email explaining the next steps on activation.

If you would like assistance in submitting a ticket please call the Technology HelpDesk at 765-285-1517 for assistance.

Further Information

Please see our Adobe Software FAQ for additional information.

Important:  Do not perform any software updates to install newer versions of the software as the updates and newer software may not be included in our ELA Agreement.  For example, do not upgrade Acrobat X to Acrobat XI (version 10 to 11).

Technical Details and Integrity Checksums for File Downloads:
Windows DesignStandard_CS6_LS16.7z: MD5="3f04d95478f272d36c04e5e723beb315" (4,024,735,201 bytes) 10/2013
Windows MasterCollection_CS6_LS16.7z: MD5="bfba9a3f1c90440482ebbe5bdc76c8c7" (6,660,553,873 bytes) 10/2013
Mac MasterCollection_CS6_LS6.dmg: SHA-1="40693f453c8622e99a04306771fc307c8d6c1d57" (7,139,883,889 bytes) 10/2013
Mac DesignStandard_CS6_LS6.dmg: SHA-1="2cad7a19dad460310dea50d9244cee88ab54beb8" (3,784,668,021 bytes) 10/2013

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