How do I configure my ANDROID mobile device to receive my BSU email (

Adding your Bsu Email ( account to your Android device is relatively simple. To begin follow these steps:

Directions may very depending on the version of Android you are running.

1. Go to System Settings
2. Navigate to Accounts
3. Select Add Account
4. Select Email, then Corporate
5. Enter the information requested in the following fields:

  • Enter your full BSU email address
  • Enter your BSU password in the password field
  • Enter your full email address (\ in the Username or Domain\Username field. If the Username and Domain name fields are listed separate enter as the domain.
  • Enter for the server name (you may need to hit Next before this field appears)

6. Make sure the box for SSL is selected (Accept all SSL Certificates if asked)
7. If a pop-up comes up asking about Remote Security Administration, choose to allow it, tap OK
8. Choose your settings for frequency of e-mail checking, days to sync, syncing Contacts/Calendar, etc. and then select Next
9. If prompted, allow the device to activate as a Device Administrator
10. If asked give the account a name
11. Hit Next to save settings.

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