What should I do if I've forgotten my password?

You have four options to recover a lost password. In order for us to verify your identity and prevent identity theft you will be required to provide valid identification.

1. Using the Self-Service Email Support Console at www.bsu.edu/password

This requires that you have registered a life-line email address. A life-line email address is an alternative email address that can be used to recover a lost password. If you have not already registered this address then you can't use this option at this time.

2. Visiting the Tech Center located in BL101

If you are on or near campus then you can come to the Tech Center located in BL101 to get your password reset. Please bring either a valid driver's license or your Ball State ID for verification purposes.

3. Calling the Technology HelpDesk at (765) 285-1517.

You may call the Technology Helpdesk and have personal information verified by Technology Helpdesk staff. Once verified, Technology Helpdesk staff will send your account information to an external e-mail account specified.

4. Submit a Remote Password Reset Procedures form to the HelpDesk to have your password reset.

You can download and complete the Remote Password Reset Procedures form. Once completed, the Technology HelpDesk staff will process your request and send you a new password to the email address you specify on the form. The form must be filled our completely and a valid ID scan must be included.

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