What are the Blackboard known issues and solutions or workarounds to the issues? FAQ

The following problems are known to exist within Blackboard. We are actively engaged with Blackboard to resolve these issues. Where possible, we have included “workaround” steps which can be taken while we await final resolution of these issues from Blackboard:

  • Connection to Blackboard timing out when taking exams: Some Internet connections can ‘time out" to the Internet if there is no activity coming from your machine. For example, when you are composing an answer to an essay question or taking a test with many questions, after pressing "Submit", "Save", or the arrow button to navigate to the next question Blackboard may freeze, redirect you to the log in page, give you a blank screen or give you a screen with errors. Your test and answers may not be recorded when this occurs.

    There are a few things you can do to alleviate the problems with connections to Blackboard during exams:
      1. Use the newest version of Java.  It can be downloaded from www.java.com.
      2. Use the latest version of Firefox when interacting with Blackboard. There are known compatibility issues with Internet Explorer. It can be downloaded at www.firefox.com.  
      3. Use a wired Internet connection. Wired connections are more reliable than wireless. Wireless can intermittently lose connection to the Internet, and when this happens your connection to Blackboard is terminated. You may not notice that there was a problem because your connection may be back up before you try navigating in Blackboard.
      4. Never use the browser navigation buttons to move between questions in an exam or refresh the page. Professors have the option to prevent backtracking. If you use the browser button to back track then you will get an error page and may not be allowed back in the exam. It is safe to use the button within Blackboard to navigate between questions.
      5. Periodically (every two to three minutes) click the “Save” button at the top or bottom of the page. This will prevent your connection to the server from timing-out.
      6. Reset the browser. A browser reset can clear configuration settings that may be interfering with a connection to the server. How to reset a browser is dependant on the browser and version you are running. If you need assistance with this please contact the Helpdesk (helpdesk@bsu.edu).    
  • Using Internet Explorer (IE) Web Browser: IE is the default web browser within Windows and used by many students, faculty and staff. However, there are known compatibility issues with IE and Blackboard so UTS recommends everyone use Firefox 4 or later when accessing Blackboard until these issues are resolved. For those clients who must use IE, some workarounds are included at the end of this article which will make IE 8 more compatible with Blackboard.
  • Security Warning in IE8: Internet Explorer 8 has security settings that w ill prompt the user to either accept or deny non-secure items in the browser. In order for all content to display properly in Blackboard you will need to click “No” when prompted with the Security Warning. This message can appear several times when interacting with Blackboard. Internet Explorer 9 resolves this issue. The solution to the problem is to enable browser to display mixed content.  

  • Unable to Download Files: When attempting to download files (Power Point, Word, Excel) in Blackboard using Internet Explorer (all versions) you will be prompted to login with your BSU credentials. If you are running the latest version of Office then it should accept your credentials and allow you to download the file. If you are not then you may receive an error message indicating the file could not be retrieved. If you are having this problem downloading files in IE then we recommend using the latest version of Firefox. 
  • Unable to download Grade Center content in IE8: Grades cannot be downloaded from the Grade Center to Excel using Internet Explorer 8 (even in compatibility mode). Internet Explorer 9 resolves this problem. However, we recommend using the latest version of Firefox when interacting with Blackboard.
  • Course Menu text in sub headers not visible: When using buttons in the course menu panel with sub-headers then buttons with black text must be used. If you use dark buttons with white text then the text in the sub-headers won’t show. This is because the background with sub-headers is white and the text is white. The default settings for the new theme will work with sub-headers.
  • Special Characters: When uploading items, tests, assignments, and other Blackboard components, please do not use any special characters in the file name (such as /, ( ), #, etc.). Using special characters produces browser errors. This applies to both students and faculty when uploading content to Blackboard.
  • Copying a Wiki Link Creates an Error: When copying a Blackboard wiki from one course/organization into another course/organization, the Copy tool says the content was copied successfully, but when trying to access or edit the wiki, an error appears.

  • Calculated numeric answers and answer ranges are being truncated after 3 decimal:  This issue is fixed in SP12.
  • Text is not wrapping into paragraph form: This is a bug targeted to be fixed in SP13. Currently, there is no patch available to fix this bug. Workaround would be to edit question wording with manual line breaks.

  • The My Grades tool is not in alphabetical order:  This is a known issue in Blackboard that is targeted to be fixed in 9.1 sp14.

  • Unable to upload multiple files: There was a client-side Java update (version 7 update 51) that was released on Tuesday, January 14th, which negatively impacted functionality within Blackboard Learn, specifically, the uploading of multiple files. If you have Java set to upgrade automatically on your computer, you will experience difficulty uploading multiple files. The workaround, until the issue is patched, is to load one file at a time. 


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